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Best Movers and Packers in Dubai

What are movers and packers?


The names are the exact definition of their jobs. Movers and packers are those people who help you to pack your belongings and move them to your chosen destination in the best possible safest way. At first, moving and packing services used to provide by two separate companies. But now the population has increased significantly and along with that changing houses and moving belongings has become more frequent. That’s why to make your traveling easier; today, companies provide both the services together.


A Few Things To Know About Movers And Packers Before Hiring Them


Packing and moving are the two most necessary parts of shifting to a new address in the same city or another. And the things your packers and movers are carrying with them, are nothing but your belongings; undoubtedly you must want their absolute security. First, to make the process smoother, you should hire professional packers and movers in your locality. Now you must choose the best one. Before that, you should know a few things.


Recommendations and reviews always come at first in the case of choosing something. Nowadays, Google is the most trusted one to ask for the best movers and packers companies in Dubai. All you need to do is research wisely. Make a list of companies who seem to fit best with your requirements, the insights which are not available online, make sure to get them. Expense is undoubtedly the most important factor; don’t forget to compare the prices. And lastly, ask the people you know moved to and from Dubai recently.


●  You are making the list of companies, don’t miss the customer reviews because it is not impossible to have bad reviews for a high-rated company and excellent reviews for an average company. So, learn about the companies as much as possible.


●  Any team with a truck and loaders can call them movers and packers of Dubai. But that does not mean they are the registered ones. To ensure the safety of your assets, you must hire a licensed and registered company.


●  You cannot entirely depend on online information and reviews. You should try to find information offline. Like, for instance, if you are looking for details of our company, we will happily provide you all the answers to your questions in a phone call. Still, if you are not satisfied, you can look for our previous works on our website and contact our past customers.


  Insurance policy and guarantee information are the best to judge a company’s loyalty and professionalism. Apart from that, insurance is an essential thing while you are planning long-distance relocation.


Look For The Specific Services You Will Need


For example, in Dubai, some companies specialize in a particular service like only packing or only loading or unloading. If you need the whole packing and moving process, then there are many options, but if you need anyone service, particularly then look for companies like mentioned above, or you can ask companies if they provide anyone service in less expense. Thus, you will be able to save money.


There Are A Few More Things To Check The Reputation Of A Company:


How Is The Experience Moving Company?


To learn about a company’s ability, experience, and track record counts. Isn’t the company merely irreplaceable if you cannot find long-distance relocations or a handsome amount of packing and moving works?


Is The Company Insured?


As we discussed before, you may never hire a company without a license number or insurance. You must verify if the company is insured on the same website where you are checking it. You cannot hand over your valuable assets to someone’s hand who is unable to provide you guarantee. Insurance or the license number must be the first thing to check about a movers and packers company.


Don’t Be Greedy For The Cheapest Service


You should be looking for the best service, not the cheapest one. In this situation, hiring the best company can be a little tempting, but when it is about relocating, you should pay for quality. Just think about it, you found a cheap movers and packers company, then what will happen if due to their poor quality service, you have to face more loss than their hiring fee? That’s precisely why the extra money will be worth it.


Questions Galore


You will be pretty curious about the whole process. Questions like, how long will it take to arrive at my destination? How many trucks are you using? Should I provide cartons, or will you use your own? Etc., are pretty reasonable to appear in your mind. But remember to clarify all your quarries before signing a deal. You have every right to in which condition the goods will be transported.


Final Words


Relocating is something to worry about. If your job includes frequent traveling, then you know how things work, but if you are an amateur, then it is quite a hassle for you. It’s hard to take care of everything without a professional by your side. Which why hiring a movers and packers company is not a useless act? But the thing is, you have to put a little effort into choosing the right one. Do not ever believe in any made up assurances of companies. If you are a smart citizen, you will dig deeper at first. Ensuring that you are making the right decision and dealing with a reliable and established company will save both your money and time.


Why Choose Us?


We are shifting people’s assets for many years now too, and from Dubai. We are well known for our timely delivery services. Moreover, until today, all of our deliveries were successful, which means we did not damage any of our customers’ staff. We are thankful to our customers to believe us with their valuable belongings and make us an experienced movers and packers company. With your support, we are hoping to expand our business so that we can support even more efficiently.

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FAQs for Car Shipping in Dubai with Movers Global

This page answers frequently-asked questions about car shipping in Dubai. If your question isn’t answered below, give the team a call and they’ll help you out.


1. How many cars can be stuffed in one container?


In a 20 ft container we can stuff 1 car, In a 40 ft container 2 to 3 cars can be stuffed depending on their size.


2. Can we send personal items along with the car?


Yes, we can send both vehicle and personal effects in a single container.


3. Can I place my extra baggage in the boot space of the car while shipping?


Yes, you can place your baggage in the boot space of the car.


4. What are the documents required while exporting a car from Dubai?


Export certificate of the car from RTA, Shipper’s Passport and visa copy are the mandatory documents.


5. Can I export my car for 3 months to UK and bring back to Dubai?


Yes, Car can be exported for temporary purpose under Carnet document from RTA .


6. How long will it take to ship a car in container by sea?


The transit time will vary as per the destination.


7. Can we ship a car by Air?


Yes, cars & bikes can be exported by air.


8. Will I get any documents as shipping proof?


Yes, transport document called Bill of Lading stating shipper, receiver, vessel & commodity details will be issued.


9. Is it possible to put two persons name as receiving party?


No, only one person’s name can be mentioned as a receiving party.


10. Whether the car will move inside the container while shipping?


No, cars will be lashed to the container with belts so that it will be immovable while moving.


11. Can I export my car to Saudi Arabia?


Yes cars can be exported to Saudi Arabia, but cars older than 5 years are not acceptable.


12. What is export certificate of the car?


Export certificate or RTA paper is a mandatory document of car for exporting to any country issued by the RTA.

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Export Car from Dubai to Asia

Going for a vacation or relocating to Asia? Why leave your valuable car behind? We make it air freight Dubai to Asia in a few days time, or ship it via sea freight Dubai in a more economical way, enjoy your vacation fully packed, and ship it back when ever you wanted.


Movers global is specialized for car shipping in Dubai, UAE of all category from luxury to regular models with utmost care, either it is car export in Dubai or car import in Dubai, through various transport modes. If the cars are specialized and of high value, its usually shipped by air freight. If its car shipping with personal effects, it can be done by sea container which is one of the most approachable methods. We have experienced professionals who have been under vigorous training, who carefully prepare and load your car for export.



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