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FAQs for Car Shipping in Dubai with Movers Global

This page answers frequently-asked questions about car shipping in Dubai. If your question isn’t answered below, give the team a call and they’ll help you out.


1. How many cars can be stuffed in one container?


In a 20 ft container we can stuff 1 car, In a 40 ft container 2 to 3 cars can be stuffed depending on their size.


2. Can we send personal items along with the car?


Yes, we can send both vehicle and personal effects in a single container.


3. Can I place my extra baggage in the boot space of the car while shipping?


Yes, you can place your baggage in the boot space of the car.


4. What are the documents required while exporting a car from Dubai?


Export certificate of the car from RTA, Shipper’s Passport and visa copy are the mandatory documents.


5. Can I export my car for 3 months to UK and bring back to Dubai?


Yes, Car can be exported for temporary purpose under Carnet document from RTA .


6. How long will it take to ship a car in container by sea?


The transit time will vary as per the destination.


7. Can we ship a car by Air?


Yes, cars & bikes can be exported by air.


8. Will I get any documents as shipping proof?


Yes, transport document called Bill of Lading stating shipper, receiver, vessel & commodity details will be issued.


9. Is it possible to put two persons name as receiving party?


No, only one person’s name can be mentioned as a receiving party.


10. Whether the car will move inside the container while shipping?


No, cars will be lashed to the container with belts so that it will be immovable while moving.


11. Can I export my car to Saudi Arabia?


Yes cars can be exported to Saudi Arabia, but cars older than 5 years are not acceptable.


12. What is export certificate of the car?


Export certificate or RTA paper is a mandatory document of car for exporting to any country issued by the RTA.

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Export Car from Dubai to Asia

Going for a vacation or relocating to Asia? Why leave your valuable car behind? We make it air freight Dubai to Asia in a few days time, or ship it via sea freight Dubai in a more economical way, enjoy your vacation fully packed, and ship it back when ever you wanted.


Movers global is specialized for car shipping in Dubai, UAE of all category from luxury to regular models with utmost care, either it is car export in Dubai or car import in Dubai, through various transport modes. If the cars are specialized and of high value, its usually shipped by air freight. If its car shipping with personal effects, it can be done by sea container which is one of the most approachable methods. We have experienced professionals who have been under vigorous training, who carefully prepare and load your car for export.



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RORO & Container Vehicle Shipping

Roll-On /Roll-Off, commonly called RO-RO or RORO, are intended to carry wheeled cargo such as automobiles, heavy equipment’s, and similar category, which can be driven in to the ship of their own. Movers global offers all kinds of roro shipping services from Dubai to all African countries , Persian Gulf , Red Sea ports and Europe. We also have a great network to import heavy equipment and construction equipment from any parts of the world.


RORO is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping for vehicles. Vehicles are driven directly onto the RORO vessel . However, if you are shipping international oversized wheeled cargo, such heavy trucks, trailers, cranes, excavators, railway carriages etc, then using a RO-RO seafreight carrier is the only one solution for your international ocean freight shipment, But you cannot ship personal effects using this method, we have trained riggers to handle all kinds of heavy equipment.


We strive to provide cost effective, stress free, freight forwarding services to those shipping cars, motorhomes & other vehicles internationally. We can arrange container shipping, RORO, breakbulk to almost anywhere in the world.


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